East African and Nubian Origins of the Ancient...


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Author  Gert Muller
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   August 5, 2013
ISBN  1491286326
Pages  86

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The ancient Egyptians originated in East Africa. Evidence for this can be found in the ancient religious texts of the Egyptians which describe the people and places in the Afterlife. These places coincide with real people and places in East Africa. These real people of East Africa, the Nubians, were considered, in some contexts, demi-gods by the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian Afterlife Paradise was called the Tuat. It was imagined to be a place of lakes and mountains like East Africa. The Egyptians knew these places because they originated in this region and called it Place of the First Time. The book concludes with some wonderful pictures that make it believable that the ancient Egyptians originated from East Africa. Without Nubia there would have been no dynastic Egypt! The origins of the ancient Egypt we all know and love lie in the predynastic cultures of southern Egypt. This culture created the world’s first city known as Hierakonpolis around 3800 BC. The Egyptians called it Nekhen. In this city was found evidence of the first temple, the first pottery factory, the first brewery, the first image of the Falcon Horus. Hierakonpolis was part of the Naqada predynastic culture of southern Egypt which began around 4000 BC. It was located around 100 miles from Aswan in present-day Nubia. Few people, however, are aware of the technical accomplishments and cultural impulses that came to Hierakonpolis from Lower and Upper Nubia. It made possible the economic and military expansion that created the Egyptian civilization of dynastic times. Without Nubia there would have been no Hierakonpolis! Witness the Nubian origins of predynastic Egyptian civilization in these pages.

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