Father God Zeus


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Author  Rita Jean Moran
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 6, 2013
ISBN  1491280417
Pages  198

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Discover the story of the family who changed the world. Trained and protected by the great mother goddess, Rhea, the Cronide family is led by the ancient father god, Zeus, who was hid in a cave called Mt. Ida on Crete over 12,000 years ago. He grew into a great warrior and dethroned his father Cronus, as Cronus had dethroned his father Uranus. With victory in hand, Zeus began to build a kingdom by siring several sons and daughters who would be loyal to him. He was an accomplished agriculturalist and farmer as well as warrior as his mother had taught him and all of her children and grandchildren to be. He believed in visions of the future and believed he could bend fate in his favor. Unfortunately, he never saw what was coming his way when he impregnated his daughter Persephone with a boy who would be his heir, named Zagreus. When Zeus was away, his enemies crept in and viciously murdered the young child with knives and then they consumed the child in a cannibalistic frenzy. Zeus came back and discovered the fate of his son and only the heart of Zagreus remained. Zeus prepared a potion from the heart and drank it, believing he could carry the soul of his son and have him reincarnate in another body. He impregnated Semele, and believed her son, Dionysus, was the reincarnation of Zagreus. Being raised as a girl and under the protection of Rhea, Dionysus, grew into a man while his father Zeus hunted down all of those responsible for the death of Zagreus and tortured them to death. The throne was ready to be inherited, but first the world had to be civilized. Dionysus and the rest of the family embarked on a global journey and brought order and civilization to the world. All of the mythologies are one and based on this family. Father God Zeus is the tale of this global undertaking and the family that did this from Crete. The author, Rita Jean Moran, has studied anthropology, mythology, and ancient writings for years and has pieced together this story from ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Nordic, Celtic, Mayan, and Aztec writings and codices as well as from oral traditions from around the globe. Today, this family’s symbols and mystery schools are still here, but coded and hidden by mainstream religion and secret societies. The unveiling of the truth of the past has been done in this book and the numerous names and stories of this god and his family, are revealed.

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