Ancient Egyptian Sky Lore

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Author  Joanne Conman
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 10, 2013
ISBN  1490506659
Pages  254

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This book presents an illuminating in-depth investigation which demonstrates that the deep-rooted, fervently defended belief in ancient Egyptian astronomy is false, that it is a myth disseminated by scholars who have failed to make sense of the evidence in the archaeological record. The author’s meticulous detective work has led to a breakthrough that reveals the reality of the sky for the ancient Egyptians. Beginning where Egyptology first went wrong, with the Greco-Roman-era temple zodiacs and the Enlightenment-era scholars, the book provides a comprehensive review of the material that has been offered as support for the identifications of Orion and the Big Dipper for the last two centuries, convincingly demonstrating how it fails. The author reveals artistic and textual evidence that challenges the prevailing dogma and uncovers the roots of astrology in ancient Egyptian religion.

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