Synchronized Chronology


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Author  Dan Bruce
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   June 1, 2013
ISBN  1489557776
Pages  90

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This book utilizes a new harmonized chronology for the reigns of the thirty-eight kings and one queen who ruled during the period of the divided monarchies of Israel and Judah. The new Hebrew kings chronology was made possible by recent biblical research that applied information contained in the Book of Daniel to identify the date for the beginning of the divided kingdoms period as 961 BCE, not the 931 BCE date derived from the traditional Assyrian chronology used throughout modern academia. The new Hebrew chronology based on using the 961 BCE starting date for the Hebrew kingdoms period allows construction of a more accurate reference timeline for the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah than possible using traditional Assyrian-anchored chronology. By employing the new and more accurate Hebrew kings chronology, along with the latest chronological data developed by modern scholars for the reigns of non-Hebrew kings in the nations surrounding Israel during the biblical time period, this book compares the regnal chronologies of Egypt, Assyria, Tyre, Babylon, and Urartu with the new Hebrew regnal timeline. The new Hebrew chronology and traditional Egyptian chronology yield agreement when compared with one another. However, comparison of the resulting Hebrew-Egyptian synchronized timeline with traditional Assyrian chronology reveals that there are thirty eponyms (and thus thirty years) missing from the Assyrian timeline as derived from the Eponym List and Chronicles, and it identifies where those missing years can be found (between the end of the reign of Shalmaneser III and the currently-accepted start of the reign of Tiglath-pileser III). In so doing, this book shows that the biblical text is the most accurate and trustworthy ancient source text available for doing chronological research and historical studies, and demonstrates that the biblical timeline can be used to calibrate other chronologies in the ancient Near East. (updated September 15, 2013) Note: The chronological interpretations in this book are the result of original Bible research. They are not restatements of interpretations that you will have already read in popular Bible commentaries. The interpretations match both the biblical text and recorded history exactly. Also, it should be noted that the interpretations are NOT based on, derivative of, or associated with the work of any of the following groups or persons who have been active in the field of sacred chronology: The Watchtower Society, The Seventh-day Adventist Church, The LDS Church, The Institute for Creation Research and similar creationist groups, Donovan Courville, Rolf Furuli, David Rohl, Peter James, Immanuel Velikovsky, and similar.

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