The God Catcher

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Author  Scott Peters
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 20, 2013
ISBN  1489503013
Pages  280

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An impoverished orphan tries to become a painter in Tutankhamen's unbuilt tomb.
When his father dies, young Ramses' life begins to fall apart. Life on their farm had been so wonderful, as steady and bright as the Egyptian sun. Now, however, he's an orphan in his own home.
People whisper that Ramses caused his father's death. They say his skill at drawing is something no farm boy should have. They say his drawings angered the gods, who struck down his parents as punishment. It's a thought too horrible to face. Could it be true?
In the dark days that loom ahead, Ramses begins a desperate search for answers about his identity.
This well researched story, set in the golden era of Tutankhamen or 'King Tut', combines fact, fiction, and the magic superstition that formed an important part of life in ancient Egypt. Anyone interested in archaeology and art history will be fascinated with this inside look into the lives of tomb builders: the people who painted, sculpted and carved the ancient burial sites of Pharaohs. The village that captures our hero's hope, originally called The Place of Truth and now known as Deir El Medina, still exists. Its archaeological remains can be visited today.
"Peters is such a natural and gifted storyteller" ~ Historical Novel Society
"A must read!" ~ Scott Lisetor, author of "Crash" and "Planet of the Robots"
"Definitely recommend for any one interested in ancient Egypt" ~ Cheryl Carpinello, author of "MG Arthurian Tales"
Bring Adventure Home. Scroll up and grab a copy.

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