Synchronized Chronology


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Author  Dan Bruce
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 18, 2013
ISBN  1484974646
Pages  36

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This book introduces a very accurate harmonized chronology of the reigns of the thirty-eight kings and one queen who ruled during the period of the divided monarchies of Israel and Judah. Using that new harmonized Hebrew chronology as a reference timeline, and by using the latest chronological data developed by modern scholars for the reigns of kings in the nations surrounding Israel during the biblical time period, it compares the regnal chronologies of Egypt, Assyria, Tyre, and Babylon with the Hebrew regnal timeline. In this way, it demonstrates that there are thirty eponyms (years) missing from the chronology of Assyria as traditionally derived from the Eponym Canon and Chronicles, and it identifies where those missing years can be found (between the end of the reign of Shalmaneser III and at the beginning of the reign of Tiglath-pileser III). In so doing, it re-establishes the biblical text as a trustworthy source for doing chronological study and historical research.

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