The Book of Seamen

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Author  Tru Keesey
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 7, 2013
ISBN  1484902149
Pages  306

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We go back to the earliest part of the Viking Age, about 200 A.D.. When you have heard pirate talk, did they include the Vikings? Then the Vikings settled in the coastal islands of Scotland, and in Normandy, and in England. Their children were the pirates of the Caribean. They sail, they plunder in their pirate craft. Pirates of the Caribean are those, whose forebears came from the Vikin lands. This is one of the pirate books that covers the longest span of time. Since you did your pirate search, here you find your pirate captain on his pirate quest. Famous pirates and their pirate stories you will read, when you get this book for your very own.

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