How I Discovered the Real Sunken Atlantis Isles...

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Author  Kakha Margiani
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 18, 2013
ISBN  1484155122
Pages  84

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My full colored second book, of the sensational trilogy, with unique database explains, how I found many compelling scientific evidences for the existence of Atlantis Civilization. Pseudo scientific field so called “Egyptology”, was an important barrier, on the way to the real sunken Atlantis Isles. How the antediluvian but artificially rejuvenated majestic megalithic complexes (Teotihuacán, Concordia, Parthenon, Baalbek) and their antediluvian geographical orientation helped to do the century discovery - where precisely passed on the globe the prime meridian of the antediluvian world and the sunken capitol hill of the pre-flood Planetary Empire Atlantis. How the knowledge of Geology and other sciences, as well as Kircher's maps and other post-flood and pre-flood maps helped to discovery 10 sunken Atlantis Isles beyond the Gibraltar. You will find in the book plenty evidences about the existence of the Atlantis and artifacts of antediluvian civilization. How the scientific branches of Geology, Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Genetics, Paleo-climatology...etc, are interrelated in Atlantology and why American atlantologists limited my rights in the Atlantology. How the Insula California is interrelated with the 10 Atlantis Isles. How the legendary area Hyperborea is interrelated to pre-flood D'area. This is the second amazing and sensational book written to you! Excellent topics of the content in the preview, can help you to buy this book.

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