Rome And Parthia

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Author  Daryn Graham
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   June 18, 2013
ISBN  1484045661
Pages  298

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Few rivalries in the ancient world match that which existed between Rome and Parthia, two of the greatest superpowers of the classical world. In this book, historian Daryn Graham traces their shared and multifaceted history that spanned some three whole centuries. From Sulla, through to the fall of the Arsacid ruling dynasty of Parthia, Graham describes how wars, battles, plots, intrigue and murder at elite levels shaped Romano-Parthian relations and how those living in both of their empires made capital out of them. Rome and Parthia: Power, Politics and Profit examines the roles of Rome's and Parthia's leading men and women and their many and varied contacts with each other, and shows how each one influenced the wider international relationship that existed between two of the ancient world's greatest superpowers.

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