Hel's Legacy

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Author  Kerry D. Ogden
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 2, 2013
ISBN  1484044185
Pages  188

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An ancient manuscript containing inscriptions over 4,000 years old surfaced in 1871; however, it was quickly deemed a fraud even though its translator Dr. Ottema was confident in its authenticity. Dr. Ottema also claimed there was a world-wide conspiracy to stop the book’s production and distribution. Some of the themes in the manuscript were extremely controversial including a man resembling Jesus Christ living 2,000 years too soon and a disaster similar to the sinking of Atlantis in 2193 B.C.E. Moreover, the text identifies the origin of monotheism and the possible core of all the major religions. In 2004, additional research concluded the Old Frisian manuscript now being called the Oera Linda Book was written as a hoax by three men from the Netherlands. Hel’s Legacy: The Second Coming offers overwhelming evidence to disprove these theories. It uncovers links between the Oera Linda Book, ancient mythologies, religions, and history offering reasonable explanations for the location of the Island of Atlantis, the formation of the alphabet symbols, and the authentic name of the Creator and bloodline of Christ.

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