An Account of Egypt


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Author  Herodotus
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 8, 2013
ISBN  1482397846
Pages  62

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Herodotus records important factual information about his observations on Egypt, Cairo, and the Egyptian way of life. He goes into a great deal of specificity and his descriptions are so accurately detailed, he fluidly transitions through describing many aspects of Egyptian culture. One concept repeated throughout his account was the Egyptian relationship with death and the afterlife. The detailed burial practices were careful and deliberate, showing a great deal of faith in their traditions. Even more striking was that although judgment would be passed after a person died, usually concerning the actual fatal event, family members had a moral obligation to mourn their dead regardless of social status. This book brings back to life the marvels of ancients Egypt, many of which don't exist anymore. Herodotus also talks about accounts of history passed down through generations of ancient families and amazing chronicles of kings and gods.

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