Healing, Purifying, and Manifesting through...

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Author  Sal Canzonieri
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 31, 2013
ISBN  1482080990
Pages  98

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An inspirational book that collects all of the author's articles written on Jindao Life Transforming Qigong for physical, emotional, and spritual meditation, healing, purifying, and manifesting, which allow you to:
• Eliminate long held unresolved anger and grief. • Develop superior fitness and vitality. • Achieve peace of mind, focus, and clear insight. • Reverse the aging process. • Develop into the fully actualized person that you were meant to be. • Feel happier, energized, and powerful. • Become more efficient and effective.

The more positive intention you put out and the more internal blockages you release from within, the more you are also healing the world around you and ultimately universal space, from the molecular to the stellar levels. As you radiate positive intentions, you are an antenna between Heaven and Earth. Heavenly energy always Gives (unconditional love) and Earthy energy always Receives. That is their nature, and they work in harmony with each other. People both give and receive, it is your true nature to be a sharing entity; the intersection of Heaven and Earth. Thus, to you and through you all good things come. As a result of your positive intentions (your desires) health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness are the RESULT of what your attention is focused on. The saying "Where attention goes, energy (Qi) flows", an often repeated quote, is an important thought to consider.

By increasing your sphere of effect, via sending out your positive intentions and focusing your attention on the results that come to you and through you, you affect all the energy around you. You supercharge your energy field and all the energy fields that come in contact with you. Through the practice of Qigong, you become a change agent, a means of transformation from negative to positive, a means for providing harmony to everything around you. Positive intentions bring Joy and Gratitude to all that is around you. Your sphere of influence brings harmony to all that touches it.

The Jindao System produces an Integrated Body / Mind, Peace of Mind, and Self Transformation. The Jindao System converges various theories that address the nature of humanity and its relationship to the universe, in order to provide 'Natural Energetic Healing' for the body, mind, and spirit. The most important ideas, among others, in the Jindao System are: "It's not what you want, but what you got"; "You have to give in order to get"; "The Universe is Giving / Loving Energy, the Earth is Receiving / Accepting Energy, and Humanity is the Sharing/ Union of both", which arise from the very ancient philosophies of Taoism, Chan (Zen) Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Kabbalism, and Tantra.

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