The Deep Mystery

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Author  B. L. Freeborn
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 11, 2013
ISBN  1481986910
Pages  434

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Within the cuneiform records a King's List has been found. The Weld-Blundell prism speaks of a great deluge that destroyed a scientific civilization 241,000 years old. Within the ancient text of the Torah lies a secret. It is a mystery revealed through numbers. The size of the Biblical Ark, the number of days Moses wandered in the wilderness, and Noah's great age all tell us a story. Word by word, number by number the mystery unfolds. Even the many Hebrew names for God tell the story. The Great Giza pyramid has been built to endure a tidal wave. Did it already survive such a wave? Were they predicting another flood? What happened to the Earth to make the ancient people believe something might occur again in the future? Scientists know the pole moves over very vast eons of time. Does the pole move more often than that? Does it move on its own? And what happens when it does? Have the ancient mages left us a record of a pole shift? For the first time ancient monuments are deciphered in a way that allows us to understand a hidden message about the past and a dire warning about the future. A journey of discovery lies within and our ultimate fate awaits....

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