A Guide To The Future As Flaky As It Gets...


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Author  Dov Ivry
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   December 21, 2012
ISBN  1481814656
Pages  614

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Lucian of Samosata, who lived in the second century CE, a satirist, mocked everyone, gods and mortals alike. But in his rare moments of seriousness, he stated that there is one man that should not be mocked, rather admired and his teachings studied. That was Epicurus. The Epicureans had all the right answers to most of the major questions that confront humanity, politics aside. The Sadducees had all the right answers to most of the major questions confronting Israel. In their country the Sadducees were called, correctly, Epicureans. I know that the Sadducees got a bad rap because after winning the bloody six-year Sadducee-Pharisee Civil War, which cost 50,000 lives, at their gala Felini style victory party, amid the wine, the women, and the song, they crucified 800 Pharisee POWs. C'est la guerre. I pick up where the Sadducees left off. I take no prisoners either. This book is about the second covenant awarded in the Torah. The first went to Avraham, father of our people. The second went to the women of Africa who developed the prototype society that the Supreme Being wishes to see applied throughout the globe. Time to start talking about it. I am from Saint John, N.B., Canada, now resident in Israel, a journalist by trade. WARNING: This book is not recommended to Orthodox Jews, Christians, Muslims, faggots, feminists, fatsos, or vegetarians. It may appeal to UFO buffs, transvestites, revolutionaries, and Madonna fans. Table Of Contents UFO Officer Was Called Number Four/1 Key To The Future: The African Woman/2 ‘God Is Dead’ Is Half The Thought/3 A Phenomenon Is An Observed Phenomenon/4 Darwin And The Armenian Genocide/5 Happy 432,000th Birthday To You/6 Psst. Want The Zohar, Noah? It’ll Cost You/7 Railroad, Steamboat, Yonder Comes A Sucker/8 Mystery: Why Bump Off The Faggots?/9 Woman Vs The ‘Inorganic Intelligence’/10 The Rainbow Dress And The Primordial Man/11 The Nuts And Bolts Of Gods And Ingots/12 Thrice Came Swastika, Thrice Came Doom/13 Code-Named What? The Messiah Scam/14 The Most Evil Man Of All Time Is …?/15 Epicurus And His Knights In Shining Armor/16 Zechariah’s UFO Gal Alive And Well In India/17 Madonna Was Created At The Big Bang /18. The Hellions Of Hagar -- Sauve Qui Peut/19........ Who Is The Genius Of All Times? Huldah/20.. Where Bride Puts Toe Decides World’s Fate/21 The Temple And The Sisterhood Of Woman/22 The Name Of The Goddess Of The Universe Is…?/23 On Jubilant Monsters And 21 Divine Fashions/24 About That Witch Of Endor Incident/25 ‘The Princess Of Darkness Is What I Am’/26 Isaiah Invites Transsexuals To The Temple/27 The Angel Said: Your Book Or Your Wife/28 Dov Ivry OTHER BOOKS: https://sites.google.com/site/2inimeg/

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