The Greek World

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Author  Leo M Malliarys
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 26, 2013
ISBN  1481808664
Pages  328

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Greek civilization has inspired countless generations with its rich history and culture. With a history dating back several thousand years, it is one of the oldest civilizations. At different times, Greek lands have included areas extending from what is modern day Spain in the west to what is now India in the east. The history of the Greeks is intertwined with the history of many other great civilizations throughout history. It is a society that has made a huge impact on other cultures and has made countless contributions to the modern world. Most books written on the subject of Greek history focus on specific time periods. A reader must rely on a variety of texts in order to study the different periods in fine detail. By contrast, the Greek World seeks to provide the reader with a concise tool for examining Greek history as a whole. This enables the reader to either study Greek history in its entirety or to put specific periods of interest into context by learning more about the surrounding chronological events. The Greek World is an ideal companion for anyone interested in learning more about Greek history.

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