Khyung The Stone Age Astronaut


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Author  Derek Cunningham
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   December 17, 2012
ISBN  1481173391
Pages  346

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Everyone knows stars aid navigation. But did ancient civilizations go one step further, and create a map of earth? And if they did, is it possible that an idea created 400,000 years ago could influence the world we live in today? Khyung is like a breath of fresh air. It reinvigorates the study of the ancient world, and approaches the enigmas of pre-history with completely new ideas. The result? In this rapid fire trip through time, a coherent, and simple explanation is provided for the mysteries created by long forgotten civilizations. Form the Egyptian Pyramids, to Stonehenge, to the Mayan Reset. It is a journey that leads in numerous directions. The trip takes us into the temples of Tibet, the world of the Greek philosophers, and perhaps most important of all it provides persuasive evidence that Plato's Atlantis may once have existed. Connecting people together through time like a great spider web of intrigue, this is the ultimate mystery story. A story that ultimately reveals an unbroken link between the ancient world to the modern. By simply entering the world of Khyung, you are in the words of Plato "warned"... your understanding of history will be changed, forever.

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