Atlantis Unveiled


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Author  Morten Alexander Joramo
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   December 21, 2012
ISBN  1481165429
Pages  380

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Atlantis Unveiled This book is now retired. It was written as a follow up to The Homer Code, because of some new discoveries, notably the the whereabouts of the route of Jason and the Argonauts, from the old story by Apollonius of Rhodes. Atlantis Unveiled then also became the victim of some further new discoveries, both in its first and last part, which is why I retired it. All my material on the World of Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes, from both The Homer Code and Atlantis Unveiled as well as some new stuff, is now updated and made into The Lost Civilization of the North. In there you will find what has turned out to be the complete reconstruction of the World of Homer, which was the same world as that of Apollonius of Rhodes, who lived some four centuries after Homer, but was the greatest scholar of Homeric geography of his time. The one epochal discovery about the World of Homer which is contained in The Lost Civilization of the North, is of course that it was located in Northern Europe, and not in Greece. Something which is now proven to be a fact, not an opinion. Which you can see and understand for yourself through The Lost Civilization of the North. Morten Alexander Joramo

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