The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of...


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Author  Roger M. Kean
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   December 1, 2012
ISBN  1481137980
Pages  320

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Few books before have explored the exploits, achievements, and notorious antics of ancient Rome's imperial dynasties in such readable detail. This title sets out to describe the lives of every man (and a few women) who aspired to the purple, from Augustus in 27 BC to Justinian I, who died in AD 565—arguably the end of Rome's classical period. Many are familiar with the descendants of Julius Caesar—Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero—but how many readers know about Maximinus Thrax, Claudius II Gothicus, or the Gallic Empire of Postumus? Almost 120 emperors, usurpers, pretenders and barbarian rulers of the period are brought vividly to life, illustrated by a mixture of drawings of their busts and coinage, and complemented by specially commissioned maps that clearly outline imperial ambitions and failures. "The Complete Chronicle Of The Emperors Of Rome" provides a history of political, social, military and economic strategies of the world's most powerful and influential empire, and is an essential companion to anyone interested in, or studying, the ancient Romans. "The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome" is a unique book. Not only does its scope detail the lives all the Roman emperors until the end of the classical age in the mid-sixth century AD in a highly readable narrative text, but it also provides at least one portrait—coin or bust—of every single one. Usurpers of the throne and would-be aspirants to the purple get a look in too—in words and pictures, as well as many of the major figures’ families. In all, there are 390 illustrations and over 70 color maps charting the changing fortunes of the empire’s frontiers, military campaigns and social situations. Complemented by nine family trees, a major glossary, Latin/English place names and a table of rulers, popes and patriarchs, "The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome" is destined to be a standard reference to the subject as well as a joyride of a read.

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