The Truth Seeker's Guide to Babylon


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Author  Joshua Free
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 17, 2012
ISBN  1481030302
Pages  90

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For over a century, the pursuit of the Great Mysteries of Babylonia have been restricted to two main schools: firstly, 19th century academic Assyriology or Sumeriology and secondly, the aspects of esoteric tradition that derived itself from the same. In the first; there are no attempts at philosophical or mystical pragmatism; the entire study field as dry as the sands of the desert inspiring it. In the second; the works of these stoic academicians is used as a basis for revived mystical tradition – often giving little regard for the specifics of the system, requiring additional facets of knowledge that directly appear nowhere on the fractured clay tablets or vases excavated from the ancient sites. Fortunately, the 21st century truth seeker has a third option for their pursuits... The Mardukite Truth Seeker Press was founded in 2008 to coorespond with the inception of the Mardukite Research Organization under the sponsorship of underground occult vanguard - Joshua Free - known as 'Merlyn Stone' in the 1990's. Thousands of copies of his books already have reached up from the underground concerning various topics such as the 'Celtic Druids', 'Ancient Aliens Theory', 'Ceremonial Magic', 'Occultism' and 'Post-Modern Transhuman Evolution' and, of course, the 'Sumerians', 'Babylonians' and 'Anunnaki' (to name a few). Since 2008, over 50 editions have appeared of the core 'Mardukite Core' spanning approximately a dozen different discourses, called libros (or liber, singular) specific to the Sumerian/Babylonian (Mesopotamian) Anunnaki research conducted by the 'Mardukites' from 2008 until 2012. In 2011, a post-modern division of the organization was formed: 'Systemology', which focuses on the 'next generation' evolutionary movements. Joshua Free was first known as 'Merlyn Stone' prior to the public founding of the 'Mardukites'. During this time, his popularity was earned not from work on the 'Necronomicon' or 'Babylonian' systems, but general 'ritual' and 'ceremonial' magic. Of the popularly revived systems in the 'New Age movement', his exponent background is in Druidism and Celtic Wicca. He is extensively published on all these topics. Drawing from the author's extensive works in addition to updated commentary and notes, we are pleased to provide a concise pocket handbook series with the next evolution of Truth Seekers in mind - that means YOU! Edition Note: "The Truth Seeker's Guide to Babylon" is an abridged edition of materials from 'Mardukite Liber-51', released as “Babylonian Myth & Magic” and in the Mardukite Year-2 anthology “Gates of the Necronomicon.”

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