Of Babylon & Egypt! (Book published November 1, 2012)


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Author  Joshua Free
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 1, 2012
ISBN  1480247480
Pages  120

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[Out-of-Print]NABU SPEAKS! (Part One) -- Of Babylon & Egypt...This amazingly unique and historically verifiable first-person narrative explains the struggles and successes of the ancient Nabu tribes, a "Mardukite clan" that sought to famously raise Babylon and Egypt to power by 'Divine Right' under MARDUK-RA; the rise and fall of the Sumerian Anunnaki, the creation and disposal of upgraded humans, the birth of societal systems of religion and politics, as well as interpersonal exchanges and feuds that were taking place "behind-the-scenes" among the Anunnaki themselves, those "ancient aliens" who became fixed in human consciousness as gods, angels, demons and spirits.Best known by his given name and work as Joshua Free, the prolific writer and founder of the modern Mardukite Anunnaki revival movement finally revealed his true nature and identity in Autumn 2011 - as the hybrid alien messenger, NABU - in the much-anticipated public disclosure, "Nabu Speaks! - The Autobiography of an Alien Messenger."Edition Note: This volume - "Of Babylon & Egypt" is the first part of the two part serial "Nabu Speaks!", released as Liber-12. "Of Babylon & Egypt" is also available in the Mardukite Year-4 Anthology titled "History of the Necronomicon" edited by Joshua Free.

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