Historical and modern political unity from...

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Author  Irina Zarifian
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 13, 2012
ISBN  1480029386
Pages  174

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The book offers an informational theory of geopolitical and social change derived from linguistics, history, and education. Using the example of ancient history, the author shows how cultural transmission constitutes the basis of political history. She reviews the history of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and other ancient countries by tracing a connection between the evolution of written culture and historical events and explains the internal mechanisms of cultural transmission in linguistic and political terms. Finally, she arrives at a theory that sees a structured information process behind geopolitical changes and suggests an interpretation of the current political events. The book contains colour maps. It covers a variety of topics and presents them in a systematic form. It encourages the reader to re-think European history from a cross-cultural point of view for a better understanding of the modern world and current political processes. For a wide readership of scholars, politicians, and other discerning readers. Interdisciplinary studies (history, linguistics, cross-cultural and political studies)

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