Chivalry in Western Literature

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Author  Mr. Richard N Boggs
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 9, 2012
ISBN  1480027502
Pages  188

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The code of chivalry has a rich literary tradition. In this fast paced gallop through 3000 years of Western literature, the origins and development of chivalry are presented as cultural attempts to restrain and control the most violent aspects of male behavior. The literary chivalric knight served as an ideal model for society to bring the swords of its warriors under the aegis of the legitimate authority of Church and State. And along the way the rough warrior is fashioned into a gentleman. Inside, you will discover the spectacular story of the code of chivalry from the walls of ancient Troy to the legions of Rome, from the knights of King Arthur's Round Table to the Renaissance adventures of Don Quixote. Follow the contest between the imagination of the chivalric mind and the cold rationality of the modern mind right up to the twilight of chivalric values in the malaise of post-modernism. Despite repeated announcements of chivalry's decline and death it surfaces again and again in the pages of western literature. Rediscover what chivalry can offer to the men and women of today!

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