Moment Beyond Glory


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Author  Mary Washington
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 13, 2012
ISBN  1479390321
Pages  362

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Moment Beyond Glory is not a black story. It is basically a story that encompasses the lives of all people, black as well as white. The outline of Moment Beyond Glory which is told from the viewpoint of just one black family emcompasses the lives of a wealthy white family as well. It is the true story of the life and past of a name carried through generations of white men and handed down to black men. At a time when we are witnessing a major turmoil in black life it is an easy task to pick out the weak ones however as we move along we may envy even despise the ones that appear to be strong. It is an amazing story one of intrigue. What will take you along a journey involving a deeper past, to a greater civilization that began eons ago. Then from the lavishly expanding shores of Western Eurpoe through French, Portuguese, Dutch, Scotch/Irish, and English ancestors we arrive at even newer shores of Virginia, New England, Maryland, (the tantalizing jewel of a city called New Orleans in) Louisiana, on into Mississippi, the Carolinas on even into the streets of New York City carrying us into a secret political and wealthy white world. It leads straight to the establishment of two of our well-known American Universities to the man ultimately responsible for the entire public school system in a South teeming with molten emotion, mass hysteria, and utter chaotic confusion. It is where an assembly of its members become embroiled in politics having to do with the formation of major religions. While still in the South where it has so recently been overwhelmingly burdened with the echoes of the black man's cries of torment and sorrow. It unfolds to us as ever before the dehumanizing of black souls. Finally an old mansion and its builder makes history while sorrow in the form of iron shackles in that "dark room at the top of the stairs" in its entirety not unlike some other farm some 750 miles away, continue to become reason for the "Birth of the Delta Blues." Because events are so powerfully political, it takes our story into the Senate and a Senatorial seat, on into the House of Representatives, seeing how the "Institution of Share Crop" began revolutionizing the evolution of the tenant farmer. It portrays one of the very few times, however inadequate, the white man and the black man came together unequivocally in America, to form that necessary bond needed to help put America back together during the time of reconstruction.

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