The Voyage of Johannes de Plano Carpini (Book published September


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Author  Johannes de Plano Carpini
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 20, 2012
ISBN  1479374296
Pages  78

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Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, or John of Plano Carpini or John of Pian de Carpine or Joannes de Plano (1182 – August 1, 1252) was one of the first Europeans to enter the court of the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. He is the author of the earliest important Western account of northern and central Asia, Rus, and other regions of the Mongol dominion. He was the Serbian Primate and Archbishop of Antivari from 1247 to 1252. "The voyage of Iohannes de Plano Carpini" is the report, compiled by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, of his trip to the Mongol Empire and presented to Pope Innocent IV, and later translated by Richard Hakluyt from the original Latin. Written in the 1240s, it is the oldest European account of the Mongols. Carpine was the first European to try to chronicle Mongol history. The report gives a narrative of his journey, what he had learned about Mongol history, as well as Mongol customs of the time. Many scholars have speculated that Carpine was undoubtedly on a spy mission because the largest portion of the report consists of detailed descriptions of how well prepared the Mongols were for war and suggestions of how the various military leaders might resist them.

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