Odysseus Trilogy

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Author  Edward Furlong
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 21, 2012
ISBN  1479313521
Pages  156

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Where did Odysseus go? was a project Edward Furlong (EF) took as a newcomer to the Ideas radio documentary 2 hour programs section at The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). They passed it to a University of Toronto professor who said "plausible" after 3 months, so, having researched and written the program EF narrated it on air. CBC was somewhat overwhelmed by the trans-Canada listener response. Just over 10 years later, after EF had completed 3 more documentaries (2 years each to research and write, chopped down to 2 hours on air), passing by their premises, EF dropped in to say 'hi'. A structural round pillar in the middle of their general area, had 4 listeners letters taped to it. One said " thank you for ... which you aired last week. It was an excellent program. Of course, the best program you ever aired was Where did Odysseus go? by Edward Furlong." The Mysterious Cursus arose when EF noted various ancient neolithic works were calculated to have required millions of man-hours to construct. Most were only discovered when aerial surveys began. They were obviously not created by farmers or hunter-gatherers. The Nazca designs site was only discovered after modern humans took to air travel. No practical solution has been offered as to why they were constructed faultlessly hundreds of feet long accompanied by unerringly straight lines on a high barren plain. EF suggests what occurred.

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