Inca Gold& Legend

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Author  Steven J. Charbonneau
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 8, 2012
ISBN  147927495X
Pages  110

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Mankind’s lust for gold did not originate or terminate with the conquests of the new world as gold lore and the use of gold predate written history. Gold has been considered a precious metal since ancient times and the search for gold has stimulated world exploration and trade for more than six thousand years! Nevertheless, the epoch of conquest, pillaging, looting, kidnapping, torture, murder, rape and destruction of cultural heritage, fueled by the Kingdom of Spain’s insatiable lust for Inca gold, has never been paralleled! Prepare yourself to travel into the realm of the unknown with the conquistadores and embark on a journey back in time as INCA GOLD relates its historical story of an indigenous people, their social structure, culture, religion, architecture, military, empire, administration, myths, legends and conquest. A subjugation that leads to the creation of, search for and localization of the world’s greatest treasure deposit, the Llanganati Treasure!

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