Gifts from Above

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Author  T. T. Nichols
Publisher  Outskirts Press
Publication Date   June 27, 2013
ISBN  1478710500
Pages  300

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The Most Life Altering Mission a Roman Spy Could Imagine! The Roman Empire is flourishing...and yet there is unrest in Galilee, where a deeply dedicated, charismatic Jew has captured the attention and imagination of the people. A talented Roman spy is sent to infiltrate the crowds listening to the ministry of Jesus, to determine the potential for riot and rebellion. The idea of even pretending to be a Jew goes against everything he has ever stood for...religion, culture, class, is a deeply distasteful assignment, as well as putting him at risk of his life. But as the spy listens to a sermon, he receives an unexpected gift that changes the lives of not only his contemporaries, but which will affect millions throughout history. Gifts from Above takes as its inspiration John 21:25, "Jesus did many other things as well," and imagines what just one of those things might have been. Follow in the path of a brilliant and far-sighted Roman whose encounter with Jesus inspired him in ways he would not have believed possible...and who manipulates the ancient world for the greater good!

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