The Immortals

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Author  Edward Furlong
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 7, 2012
ISBN  1478266414
Pages  226

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Since the dawn of the Space Age in 1957 many speculative books and TV shows have appeared saying that Aliens may have, could have, or did visit planet earth in the past, or still do. To satisfy himself and others more realistically minded, Edward Furlong (MA Oxford, CA Ontario, ACCI, SM - who is also a founding member of The Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies, affiliated with the University of Toronto) has gone back to ancient texts, quoted only from them, taken from the works of established scholars, and quoted commentary by these academics. That’s Part One, devoid of speculation. Part Two shows actual physically existing ancient images as provided to us by scholars. This enables readers to decide for themselves what to make of the combined factual evidence.

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