Lust For Inca Gold& Maps

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Author  Steven J Charbonneau
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   August 11, 2012
ISBN  1478146060
Pages  460

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Lust for Inca Gold will be your personal expedition into the mysterious Mountains of Llanganati. Through first hand accounts relive the history traveling with the conquistadores and latter day expeditions in search of Atahualpa's treasure. Share in the discoveries of the intrepid explorers of the region; Richard Spruce, Jordan Stabler, Colonel E.C. Brooks, Captain E. E. Loch, Commander G. M. Dyott and Eugene Brunner, who have gone before you. Attain a visual image of the conditions, hardships, deprivations, successes and failures these men and others faced on their expeditions into the Llanganatis of Ecuador. Numerous original maps and illustrations will provide a means to trace the explorers expedition routes as you travel with them into the unknown. Witness the insatiable quest for knowledge concerning the solution to the riddle of 750 tons of Inca gold hidden deep in the Llanganatis by Ruminahui, the thrill of discovering the unknown, that drove the personal quests of these men, or in some cases . . . their "Lust For Inca Gold." Going well beyond historical background and what has been written previously, this invaluable resource fills an information gap, relating new or little-known information and portions of the story that have never been told, while clarifying what has been! A very interesting, intriguing story, that also exposes the military and political conditions and events in Ecuador during the country’s transition from military to civilian rule, including the government’s role in the attempted recovery of 750 tons of Inca gold! An expanded second edition of "LUST FOR INCA GOLD" (ISBN 13:978-1480049253) has been released with a SRP of $29.95. The second edition contains the same information as the first and much more! For those that desire a copy of this First Edition, it is available at $49.95.

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