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Author  Mr David Kolzion
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   December 19, 2012
ISBN  1478100338
Pages  116

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At the end of May 2012 in memory of 58,282 American military personnel sacrificed during the Vietnam War, President Barack Obama commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Beginning of that War. But factually their large-scale anti-communist War could not begin in 1962 because of their not-so-obedient puppet President Diem who was to be exterminated in November 1963. Also in fact the American involvement to Vietnam began even before the end of World War II. Their overseas secret (intelligence) services, supervising over the performance of their satellite Republic of China, did have rescued the one who would thus paraphrased the US Declaration of Independence, ?All men are created equal; The Creator has given us certain inviolable rights ?to Life, to Freedom, and to Happiness? ?Henceforth the slogan ?Independence, Freedom, Happiness? Previously the Office of Strategic Services had successfully converted Chiang Kai-shek from a Soviet-trained to an American-sponsored (1927), but could not protect him and his Republic of China from being driven out of mainland China (1949). Neither could the Americans contain Mao?s Red Army therein; nor would they rescue the French forces besieged at Dien Bien Phu: This did please Chou En Lai the Prime Minister and his People?s Republic of China ?so much so that the Sino-American peaceful coexistence and cooperation quietly began mid-1954 at the Geneva Conference and fully exposed mid-1955 at the Bandung Conference. Ngo Dinh Diem (1901?1963) being impeccably nationalist was named by the US Delegation at the 1954 Geneva Conference to be new ruler of South Vietnam, particularly approved by the PRC Delegation under Chou En Lai despite the French opposition ?claiming him to be not only incapable but also mad. Be as it may. Anyway President Diem together with President Kennedy as well, both must have been assassinated before President Johnson could deploy US combat forces to Vietnam ?beginning in 1965 and ending up to 536,000 by 1968. So highly controversial such viewpoints on history?s 1952?2012 epochs are herein detailed under the pretext of memory in order to emphasise this merely be a personal living experience writing ?never and not at all an academic study.

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