History of Civilization

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Author  Dr. Jon Schiller PhD
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
ISBN  1477477098
Pages  208

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Emile Manns Smyth took : HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION (HOC), a course offered at Occidental College, while earning her BA in Education. This course, which was a outstanding review of what happened during different time periods as civilization evolved was well remember by her and other OXY alumni who took the same course. Unfortunately, this course is no longer offered by OXY, so I felt it important to document the topics covered in this course, so future students will understand what they missed by not having such a course at OXY or other Universities around the world. Emilie hopes to give copies of this Published Book to her fellow alumni during the June 2012 Alumni celebrations a Occidental College. The HOC course was comprised of Professors giving lectures on relevant topics during the time period of that part of the course. I The time periods started with the Pre-historic,,,Cretian , Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Grecian, Biblical, Moslems in Spain, Middle Ages (1500’s), Inquisition, ,Crusades, Global Exploration (1992- 1600s), Renaissance, Rise of Cites, Revolutionary Period (1800s), Industrial Revolution, (1800-1900), Modern Civilization (1900-Present)-

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