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Author  Nick Gass
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   January 11, 2013
ISBN  1475965370
Pages  172

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In Cataclysm, author Nick Gass takes geology out of the oil patch to authenticate the first twenty-five verses of the Bible. He presents a multidisciplinary exploration, implementing scientific reasoning, to explain some of the ancient history of The Middle East. Gass discusses how the rise of science has provided a platform for interpreting ancient legends. In Cataclysm, he casts a different light on a number of historical events and considers a variety of topics: Moses and the first twenty-five verses of Genesis The ways in which the climate may have provided the stimulus A different view on the migration out of Africa The why and how of the Flood The Garden of Eden as the first Jewish Diaspora A Second Flood The Land of Kush Exploring the Bible and other ancient texts, Cataclysm provides a refreshing look at some of the world's past events and places them in a new multidisciplinary perspective.

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