Secrets of Sumerian Language& Development...

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Author  Joshua Free
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 27, 2012
ISBN  1475266030
Pages  344

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Available to the public for the first time ever -- a comprehensive, practical, concise and economical guide to cuneiform writing, Sumerian language and its refined Akkadian use in Babylon, brought to the surface realm from the underground vaults of the world renown Mardukite Research Organization. "Secrets of Sumerian Language" is an amazing revelation of the deep esoteric origins of human language, writing and its historic contribution toward evolving human consciousness, the establishment of societal systems and alteration of reality perception. Immerse yourself holistically into the Mesopotamian paradigm to discover the arcane truth and profound beauty of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian (Akkadian) cuneiform literary tradition -- one which changed the world! Drawing from and building upon the research and expertise of the leading related underground movement, driven by the prodigious and prolific writings of Joshua Free, "Secrets of Sumerian Language" reveals: * The origins of societal language and the psychological (and spiritual) impact cuneiform had toward the inception and control of human civilization via linguistic encoding. * What the most ancient Sumerian and Babylonian tablets writings on the planet have done to contribute to the birth and advancement of traditional archetypes in human culture, belief, politics, economics and world order. * How to analyze and interpret cuneiform logograms ("signs"), semantics and phonetics utilized for Sumerian and Babylonian (Akkadian) clay tablet writings to preserve their incredible legacy with obscure pictographs and ideographs. While other more expensive sources of cuneiform knowledge offer little more than a mere Sumerian Lexicon of vocabulary only (using the Roman Latin script you are reading now), "Secrets of Sumerian Language" actually simplifies the scribe's art of tablet transliteration and translation by providing: * Clear definitions to 1000's of words! * Over 500 illustrated 'easy-to-read' cuneiform signs! * Comparative cross reference tables for Sumerian, Akkadian (Babylonian) and English semantics! * ...and much more! "Secrets of Sumerian Language: The Archaic History & Development of Babylonian-Akkadian Writing (A Dictionary of Cuneiform Signs)" is the definitive and revolutionary approach to understanding these ancient Mesopotamian mysteries unlike anything you've ever seen before! [EDITION NOTE: "Secrets of Sumerian Language" is an official publication of the Mardukite Chamberlains, the final installment of the Year-4 cycle and caries the vault designation of 'Liber-I'.]

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