The Roman Barbarian Wars (Book published January 20, 2016)


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Author  Ludwig Heinrich Dyck
Publisher  Pen and Sword Military
Publication Date   January 20, 2016
ISBN  9781473823884
Pages  240

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As Rome grew from a small city state to the mightiest empire of the west, her dominion was contested not only by the civilizations of the Mediterranean, but also by the "barbarians"-the tribal peoples of Europe. The Celtic, the Spanish-Iberian and the Germanic tribes lacked the pomp and grandeur of Rome, but they were fiercely proud of their freedom and gave birth to some of Rome's greatest adversaries. Romans and barbarians, iron legions and wild tribesmen, clashed in dramatic battles on whose fate hinged the existence of entire peoples and at times, the future of Rome.
Far from reducing the legions and tribes to names and numbers, the "Roman Barbarian Wars, the Era of Roman Conquest" reveals how they fought and how they lived and what their world was like. Through his exhaustive research and lively text, Ludwig H. Dyck immerses the reader into the epic world of the Roman barbarian wars.

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