The Untold Story of Native Iraqis

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Author  Amer Hanna-Fatuhi
Publisher  Xlibris
Publication Date   April 16, 2012
ISBN  1469196875
Pages  550

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The Untold Story of Native Iraqis Chaldean Mesopotamians 5300 Bc – Present by: Amer Hanna-Fatuhi A groundbreaking work that further explores the true identity of the indigenous people of Iraq, Chaldean-Mesopotamians is presented in the compelling book titled The Untold Story of Native Iraqis written by author Amer Hanna-Fatuhi. Hanna-Fatuhi worked for two years and spent over a quarter of a century researching the history of the region. This book perfectly illuminates the antiquity of Babylon and the indigenous people of the region next to other well known and obscure ethnic groups. It allows for a more profound awareness of the Iraqi people's individuality as well as the country's social and political dynamics.

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