Magan Magic& The Babylonian Tablets of Creation...

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Author  Joshua Free
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 11, 2011
ISBN  1467936855
Pages  188

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THE MAGAN TEXT... ...long thought to be the fantastic concoction of wishful-thinkers, the fundamental basis for the mystical, magical and spiritual tradition born of Ancient Mesopotamia has come to life! ENUMA ELIS... ...cuneiform tablet records of magick and creation are drawn together to reconstruct the most antiquated, powerful and legendary "magician's primer" ever known to the minds of men --formulated by the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians! STAR-GATES & THE FIFTY NAMES... ...herein lies the origins of 'religious' sects of the ancient world; of the 'mystical' and priestly magick known as "Kabbalah"; of the 'political' methods used by priests an wizards to affect societies; of the 'occult' and 'esoteric' hierarchical-pantheon based grimoires of spirits used famously throughout history! MARDUKITE BABYLON... ...hidden within are the secrets of the archetypal 'religious magical' system, the most ancient methodology for personal development and material gain -- the basis of an Anunnaki-based spiritual system being revived today by the modern 'Mardukite' movement! MAGAN MAGIC is the first volume a specially designed trilogy dedicated to the concise practical applications of Sumerian Religion, Babylonian Magick and the Anunnaki mysteries of Mesopotamia (simultaneously released by the Mardukite Chamberlains as "Necronomicon Spellbook I: Magan Tablets of Magick & Creation" or Liber-E). Also suggested: VOLUME II: "Maqlu Magic: Sumerian Sorcery & The Dark Arts of Babylon" edited by Joshua Free with translation assistance by Khem Juergen.

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