Male Nahuatl Aztec Names Metalexicon Logodynamics...


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Author  Gregory Zorzos
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 31, 2011
ISBN  1466489987
Pages  332

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Analysis on names under the ancient Greek Philosophy including Pythagorean Tetractys, Ancient Greek number, Music note, Ancient note, Greek Ancient notes, Greek Ionian note, Greek Aeolian note, Greek Lydian note, Greek Hypolydian note, Greek Mixolydian note, Greek C Mixolydian note, Greek Phrygian note, Greek Hypophrygian note, Greek Dorian note, Greek C Dorian note, Greek Hypodorian note, Greek B Locrian note, Byzantine note, New notes, Note's scale, Frequency, Beats, Beats [*8/*16], Intonation scale Freq., Intonation scale Beats, Intonation scale [*8*16], Intonation scale notes, Mayan Galactic tone, Muse [Domain-Emblem], Ancient Greek God, Ancient Greek God colour, Astrology, Planet day, Planet, Hindi Planet, Colour, Chakra, Aura, Spiritual Body, Number Quality, Vaastu Shastra, Avatar of Vishnu, Samanism, Roman number, Roman Greek God, Aztec Nahuatl number, Month, Week Day, Alchemy, Tarot, Ogham, Rune, Chinese dragon, I-Ching, I-Ching [ revised ], Feng Shui Number, Feng Shui House Number, Egyptian soul part, Egyptian God, Egyptian Principle, Chaldean and Hebrew, Tree of Life, Hebrew Letter, Element, Gemstone, Plane, Temperament, Today number, Binary number, Morse code symbols, Greek [Hellenic] Letter, Number Meaning, Friendly with numbers, Unfriendly with numbers, Number Dream Symbol, Function [magic square], Main targer, Personal Goal, Gifts, Fears, Challenges, Traits, Succeed as, Psychological type, Analytical psychology, Psycho-type transaction, Psychological properties, Number interpretation, Negative aspects !!!

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