Dictionary of Egyptology, English-German...

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Author  Gerald Höfer
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 13, 2011
ISBN  1466372168
Pages  238

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Whether while working in the library, or writing an academic treatise, or an conversation with German-speaking colleagues, on an archeological excavation in Egypt or simply during a holiday trip to the land at the Nile – this dictionary provides a useful and reliable help wherever it is necessary to read or write Egyptological texts or to talk about Egyptological topics in German language. • 1249 entries in the English – German part • 1619 entries in the German – English part • Wide-ranging selection of words considering all aspects of ancient Egyptian life • High relevance through analysis of specialized standard literature • Short explanations of specialist terms in English and German • Practically orientated placing of phrases and terms consisting of several parts • Bilingual king-lists, arranged according to dynasties as well as alphabetical

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