Forging A Nation

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Author  Kathryn S. Blair
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 2, 2011
ISBN  1466337478
Pages  280

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The history, culture and promise of America's most important national border country...


Yes, most Americans and Canadians just don't get Mexico...

The news headlines tell a tiny part of the story...

But the numbers reveal even more...

Out of 227 countries in the world, Mexico ranks number 11 in population ahead of: Germany (16), France (21), United Kingdom (22), South Korea (26), Canada (37) and Australia (55).

And ranks a whopping number 12 of 227 in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ahead of powerhouses like: South Korea (13), Spain (14), Canada (15), Australia (18) and Saudi Arabia (23)...

And in the category of known oil reserves:

Mexico is 18 of 227 countries ahead of the European Union (25), India (23), Australia (29), Italy (53) and France (68).

You have only to look at how the European Union and other trading blocks
(countries working together across borders) to see the impact of these international trading blocks...

 ...and see the problem pushing the United States into further decline if it does not recognize the importance of working with Mexico like a partner rather than treating it like a problem.

Story Finally Told...

This engaging, entertaining and quick reading history of Mexico spanning 5,000 years brings history to life and removes the shroud of secrecy, stereotypes and misconceptions that have plagued USA-Mexican relations.
This book finally transcends the gory headlines of today's media and delivers on the promise of giving the reader a perspective and insight on Mexico that few English speakers grasp.

Kathryn S. Blair, author of the mega-hit, In Shadow of the Angel, (200,000+ copies in print) turns her American perspective, command of Mexican history, and ability to make history come alive into brief but engaging and entertaining history of Mexico.

Blair paints an evolutionary history with texture and insight in her unique story telling style... no difficult academic slogging here.

At age 91, Blair, an American, has spent 70 of her 91 years living and working in Mexico. Her lifetime of experience helps the reader to understand the transition from indiginus to the European culture of Mexico today.

Her highly entertaining accounts of key players in Mexican history and culture like Moctezuma, Hernan Cortes, Emperor Maximilian, General Scott, President Woodrow Wilson, Ann Morrow, Antonio López de Santa Anna, David Crockett, Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Charles Lindberg, Diego Rivera, Tina Modotti, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and León Trotsky blend into the story.

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