The Olmec Civilization

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Author  Ri├Ętte Sinclair
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   August 18, 2011
ISBN  1466245751
Pages  48

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A New Ancient Civilization Unit Study by Adventures With A Purpose! The Olmecs are considered by many to be one of the most fascinating and mysterious ancient civilizations in history. This book provides a very informative look into the culture and life of the Olmecs. Could they have been the first civilization in the Western Hemisphere to develop a form of writing? Did they build the first pyramids of Central America? Explore the Olmecs' life, religion, art, architecture, economy, and much more while feasting your eyes on colourful photos of Olmec archaeological discoveries. In addition to the fascinating history lessons, the author has provided numerous activity pages for students of various grade levels, including timeline cards, puzzles, notebooking pages, a collection of images, and suggestions for additional reading.

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