Thermopylae 480 B.C.E.

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Author  P. Tanner Percival
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 22, 2012
ISBN  1463733755
Pages  420

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In the year 2550 C.E. (Christian Era), students must take two trips to the past - called History Camp, as a prerequisite to entering the university. Edyth West is chosen to go as monitor to classmate, Geoff Adams. She is disguised as a runaway slave - and a boy, Hermes. Edyth arrives in Hellas and waits for Geoff. When he arrives, he believes her to be who and what she tells him: she is on her way to Sparta, and believes her former owner will never think to look for her there. Geoff convinces her to let him go with her, since he doesn't know the way. He wants to join Leonidas's army and go with them to Thermopylae. Two days later, on their way they meet King Leonidas, his close friend - the fearles and feared warrior Achilles, and Diomed, a Hoplite, also on their way to Sparta. Achilles decides that althought he has always refused to own a slave, this little one, Hermes, will be perfect for him. He forces Geoff to sell Edyth to him. She is horrified. How can she help Geoff if she's a slave? However, this change of fortune for Edyth places her in a position to overhear all the plans to fight Xerxes. Not only does she know the plans, but she goes with the army to Thermopylae. In addition to the influential Greeks you meet, you will also meet Xerxes, King of Persia, Africa, and Asia Minor. He is on his way to conquer not only Hellas, but after that, all the known world. With him is Mardonius, a cousin and also commander of his army; Artabanus, an uncle of both Xerxes and Mardonius; and the lovely Artemesia, Queen of Caria, who is a very capable commander of five ships that have joined Xerxes' navy. Join these two as they are there - at the Battle of Thermopylae, 480 B.C.E.

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