The Forgotten Warrior (Book published September 23, 2011)


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Author  Erica J. Moore
Publisher  America Star Books
Publication Date   September 23, 2011
ISBN  1462613756
Pages  64

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The Etruscans entered the scene around the ninth and eighth century BC. The Etruscans were considered to be comparable to the Ancient Greeks at the height of their power during the sixth and fifth century BC. They inhabited Italy long before Roman civilization and eventually ruled Rome under one king until 509 BC, the start of the Roman Republic. The Etruscans played a significant role in ancient warfare. The Etruscans were considered by Ancient writers and modern historians as masters of the sea due to complete domination of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Etruscan city states participated in major battles against both the Greek and Romans. The Etruscans participated in the Peloponnesian Wars, Samnite and Punic wars. They were both formidable adversaries and vital allies in ancient warfare.

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