Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy

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Author  Mathieu Ossendrijver
Publisher  Springer
Publication Date   April 25, 2012
ISBN  1461437814
Pages  618

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This book contains new translations and a new analysis of the procedure texts of Babylonian mathematical astronomy,  the earliest known form of mathematical astronomy of the ancient world. The translations are based on a modern approach incorporating recent insights from Assyriology and translation science. 

The work contains updated and expanded interpretations of the astronomical algorithms and investigations of previously ignored linguistic, mathematical and other aspects of the procedure texts.

Special attention is paid to issues of mathematical representation and over 100 photos of cuneiform tablets dating from 350-50 BCE are presented.

In 2-3 years, the author intends to continue his study of Babylonian mathematical astronomy  with a new publication which will contain new editions and reconstructions of approx. 250 tabular texts and a new philological, astronomical and mathematical analysis of these texts. Tabular texts are end products of Babylonian math astronomy, computed with algorithms that are formulated in the present volume, Procedure Texts.

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