The Archeology and Historical Geography...


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Author  Tom Meyer
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 12, 2011
ISBN  1461137438
Pages  180

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Tom Meyer combines history, research, explorations and personal experience of living in the Land of the Bible for 1,000 days to reveal fascinating information concerning the archeology and historical geography of Israel. Inside you’ll find- • Information to equip you concerning the archeological, geographical, and historical features of the Land of the Bible, with special emphasis given to particular regions, cities and geographical features. • Data to educate you how the archeology, geography, and history of the Bible influenced routes, settlement, climate, communication and history. • Facts that will help you better recognize that the Bible was written in a very specific historical and geographical context, thereby helping you better understand the surrounding circumstances of Bible events and giving you richer insights into the text. • Tools to help you describe important physical aspects of the Land of the Bible; helping you to put in plain words their effects on Bible events, natural gateways, patterns of settlement, climate, and communication. • Examples how archaeology helps you better understand and explain daily life in biblical times. Tom Meyer has an MA in the Historical Geography of Israel and another MA in Middle East Culture and Religion from Jerusalem University College. He is currently working towards a PHD and Mrs. His ministry Wordsower tells complete books of the Holy Bible word for word from memory.

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