Jewish Atlántida. Mystery of the Lost Tribes...


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Author  Alexander Maistrovoy
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 10, 2011
ISBN  1461083125
Pages  82

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One of the most ancient and exciting riddles of history is connected with the history of the Jewish people. It is the mystery of Ten (from Twelve) Lost Tribes of Israel. Historians and pathfinders of all times vainly tried to search for their traces. And suddenly, as if with the wave of a magic wand, strange mystical signs indirectly and even directly pointing to the appearance of the descendants of the disappeared Tribes began to snow in during the last hundred years. These signs as pulsars emanate from all the ends of the earth. Is it possible that the mighty Bible prophecy "I shall collect you..." starts to come true? Alexander Maistrovoy is well-known Israeli journalist and writer writing in Russian. During ten years I have collected a sensational actual material on the given question, having generalized it in the book “Jewish Atlántida”. This material is unique because it represents not a compilation from already existing texts but result of long-time journalistic investigation, including interviews with famous persons, conversations with experts and specialists in this area, meetings with representatives from different communities which associated themselves with Lost Tribes. The book represents the latest researches, unknown to a wide audience. According to them, the Lost Tribes of Israel are Pushtuns, Indian tribes and even Japanese ones. Also certain European ethnoses belong to them. So, what is “Jewish Atlántida”? The documentary narrative tells a story about it… P.S. The book “Jewish Atlántida” was published in Russian by the "Phoenix" Publishing house.

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