Power of Zionism

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Author  Mr. Rasheed L. Muhammad
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 28, 2011
ISBN  1461042240
Pages  118

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As the divine history of black people was pre-written so to the divine history of the white race (Caucasian people) was pre-written. It was particularly written in the constellation Hydra—called the seven-headed serpent. Hydra, also means a serpent will rise up and terrorize the countryside. It was in this constellation or star system where our ancient scientists not only saw a serpent among the heavenly bodies, they also saw a bright star in which they named Al-Fard (al-phard), which is the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. In addition, the name Alphard is Arabic (al-fard), "the solitary one", due to there being no other bright stars near it. Al-Fard is also known in Chinese meaning: the First Star of Star. Down the wheel of time, the knowledge of Hydra and al-Fard was telegraphed by the ancients and then retold chiefly in the Bible book of Revelations and the Holy Quran Chapter 86. Such history included western power elites financial might, unjust policies and shadowy conspiracies in which only God Himself is to remove from power by using two of his servants. Until such time, however, the financial power, policies and conspiracies of the white race (Adamic civilization) will remain in place by any means necessary, until the final promise of God (Allah) and His prophets is fulfilled. Even the wicked rulers are daring God in Person to make His world manifest. This book Power of Zionism: A 6,000-Year Journey for White Control will take the reader to where most black people have not gone before.

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