God's Talk

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Author  Carl & Marilyn Minter Wolgemuth
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 2, 2011
ISBN  1456560824
Pages  292

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Deep in the tropical jungle of southern Veracruz, Mexico, close to the Gulf of Mexico, a large number of indigenous people are tucked back in the mountains. They are the Isthmus Aztecs whose language is officially called Isthmus Nahuatl. For hundreds of years they’ve spoken this aboriginal language that had never been written. Consequently, there were no books or access to the Holy Scriptures in the language of their hearts. Carl and Marilyn Wolgemuth, as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, felt God’s call to translate the Scriptures for these deserving people who welcomed them. They had to learn the language by careful listening, scientifically analyze it, create an alphabet and teach the people to read it. As they became more fluent then they were able to begin Scripture translation. For twenty years the Wolgemuths, along with their young daughter Carrie, braved rushing rivers, tropical diseases, insects, and lack of amenities such as electricity, telephones and refrigeration. Those were minor inconveniences compared to the joys of seeing faces light up when they discovered they could read and comprehend “God’s Talk”! Here you will read about how a pre-literate group of people accepted salvation, began to study the translated Scriptures and eagerly shared “God’s Talk” in neighboring Aztec villages.

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