The Homer Code

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Author  Morten Alexander Joramo
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   March 3, 2011
ISBN  1456555243
Pages  398

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The Homer Code The first part of this book sprang out of my initial discovery that Homer’s legendary Island of Thrinacia, and Trenyken in outer Lofoten, Norway, are one and the same. At the time, this discovery was just a minor adjustment to the epoch making findings by Felice Vinci, that the whole Odyssey of Odysseus was originally located in the north. But this led me to review everything more carefully, also in light of other researchers, notably Iman Jacob Wilkens and Jürgen Spanuth, and more discoveries followed. The topic of the whereabouts of the world of Homer continued expanding through a later book (Atlantis Unveiled), however, and is now fully covered only in The Lost Civilization of the North from 2015. The reconstruction of the whereabouts of the ancient World of Homer in the North implies that there must have been an advanced culture in the high north thousands of years ago. This was used in the Homer Code as an intro to the Bock Saga, because it lends a lot of credit to what was until recently told about such a culture through an ancient storytelling tradition from Finland. Told from generation to generation in unbroken line since pagan times, the Bock Saga told a story of a Lost Civilization we until now only had been getting glimpses of through legends, conjecture and fairy tales. Ior Bock, the last of the Bock family lineage of storytellers, told from his family saga for 26 years, including where to find hidden treasures proving the validity of it all, until he was brutally murdered in his own home in October 2010. Before that I recorded as much as I could of what he told, through the fifteen years I had the pleasure of getting to know him. This book contains the most of what I have written in English about Ior Bock and the Bock Saga. It also brings some light onto the shadowy forces which eventually destroyed this most ancient culture, but that specific topic is perhaps more fully covered in my other book, Exposing the Alien Conspiracy. Morten Alexander Joramo

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