A Secret Technology of Building the Great Egyptian...


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Author  Ivan Batiashvili
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 13, 2010
ISBN  145631596X
Pages  144

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Dear reader! In the book you can find the lost secret technology that has been interesting for the scientists and the outstanding members of society on our planet. I promise you'll find the right explanation of the mystery that has been kept secret for thousand years. The mystery is the technology that was used for building Great pyramids in Egypt. According to exist science laws it's proved that these giants were built with the hands of Ancient Egyptian people in very primitive conditions. However it was done and the guidance of erudite mind. By means of this brilliant mind was able to use the local geographical and climatic conditions and the natural resources that is hidden under the lake Meridos . These resources were carried into the lake Meridos by waterless ravine river from the Mediterranean Sea and then they were sorted wisely. This is the rational fantastic solution of the question and at the same time it is the only and possible. After looking through the technological map the is no reason for argument. Paradoxical truth in the book is the beginning of new era in our human consciousness...

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