Eye of the Pharaoh

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Author  Michael J. Costa
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   June 25, 2010
ISBN  1453642781
Pages  364

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The Fictional Autobiography of the Ancient Egyptian deity, Ptah, and his life as King Tutankhamon. Includes a prophecy of future events. This original and informative novel was popular in the 1990s from the first publisher in California, USA. Though now edited, the storyline remains intact. Ptah is the Egyptian Creator who creates by dreaming, thought, and mental action; he is the origin of the power of Chronokinesis, as this book will show... Events occurring after March 14, 1990 (when the novel was completed) mimic actual events, such as the war against Arabic terrorists, the Arab Spring movement, and Iran's nuclear weapons issue. Learn about the real Philosopher's Stone found in Ancient Egypt, and its origins, uses, and properties. This is the first novel by Michael J. Costa. May it become a best seller once again...

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